Visual Sustain

“I think it makes sense to emphasize with our logo and potentially with a logo icon our main USP (cheaper/ faster). Alternatively we could play with the first character “S” and the second part of our name (swap) but this was also used by others before”


Branding. Web. Visuals.

We will build our solution on a so-called Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling solution. Means that using our platform, the user has to pay only a fraction of the fees and the transactions are multiple times faster executed

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The Loyal is the New Brave

ScaleSCORE is the first revolutionary step to honor loyal community members and to empower them based on their commitment and show loyalty with the lowest possible impact on the actual buying power. 

Only 1 out of 6 dimensions is budget-dependent. This means that with a loyal behavior to Scaleswap, our SCA token, and the launching projects, everyone can significantly increase their ScaleSCORE over time.

See the “Apply for IDO” Website design

We centralised all media content in a Public Hub giving accessibility to all incluencers, digital newspapers, marketers, designers, etc.